Pre Debate

Well today we are at ends in the United States.  Many want to elect Biden and further worsen our economy because of his will for socialized medicine and want of tax increases which will further hurt small and big business owners.  It will cause companies to be unable to hire any new employees.  This will stunt the economy and hurt any gains of the markets which directly affects our economy.  On the intelligent side you have Donald Trump who although many want to blame his base as hateful or rhetorical he offers much better solutions.  Look it wasn't his fault for the pandemic and he handled it the way he did so people wouldn't freak out and cause mass hysteria.  He's gonna cut taxes more and enable businesses to grow like they were before the pandemic hit.  He had our economy doing fantastic, and now when he has the chance to rebuild it again during the pandemic you want to oust him.  You need to not follow Bidens ads and name calling or the Times attempts to wreck Trumps re election by fake news which is something Mike Bloomberg was probably behind.  These democrats will stop at nothing to destroy our country and it's time for people to wake up and stop being blind of this fact.  I don't care what race or ethnicity you are.  Make our founding fathers proud and stop being blind and ignorant.  Trump will destroy Biden in the Debate and he has every reason to do it.  Even Guilliani has stated this.


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