Heading towards the next presidential debate in the United States of America

We shall see what happens now with the future presidential debates now questionable with the president and the first lady's diagnosis with COVID-19.  First I send them my best wishes on them both getting well and beating the coronavirus which I'm sure they'll do.  Next let me be clear I have nothing against Biden as a man but as a presidential candidate for the United States. I just know that reelecting the president will allow for the re-stabilization of our economy. I also believe for the continuation of our constitution to be the living document that our founding fathers penned it to be he needs to be reelecting as well.  Slight modifications that comes by way of the courts is perfectly fine and the way it's set up to run.  This whole court packing business is unamerican and will diminish this countries democracy.  It should shame democrats that they want to destroy our democracy and set up a form of democratized socialism.


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