Oh lawdy lawdy why won't people allow me any privacy.

why is it that I can't get a single minute to myself without a certain demon and others who have been stalking me and watching me these past three years.  Given people have watched me since I was born but this is ridiculous.  I'm meant for noone nor will I pollute my blood by sleeping with a human woman who has a disease.  I won't sleep with a human woman to begin with because now that I know who and what I am it's just not right.  Look the watchers who defied me were thrown to the bottomless pit for going against my word and taking up human wives and having children the nephilim.  Therefore I just would deem it completely wrong now that I know if I had laid with a woman or any human for that matter.   I wish and would think that these people would come hang out with me at least the two that spoke to me like a human if they wanted to not allow these other humans to watch me and make disgusting sexual noises towards me.  It's obviously a perverse demon who is making moaning noises towards me.  This one in particular even hisses it's disturbing and an end should be put to it.


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