Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Civil unrest rises between nations and citizens

Things are continually spiraling out of control in America and across the world.  The media have launched their psychological warfare spinning news the way they want it to be making everything so biased that people are stuck with having to believe someone or a companies stance on issues instead of just knowing the news itself.  We have communist factions that have Rose up out of the ground like Black Lives Matter and cloaked themselves in the fight against racism.  You have communist leaders of BLM as well as Susan Rosenberg a domestic terrorist who is on a board that funds Black Lives Matter.  Then you have the Antifa who believe it’s alright to murder and stab people for voting against what they believe in which is not fascism but communism just like Black Lives Matter.   You have the far right who want to go to far on things as abortion rights but do have it together on being fiscally conservative on the budget.  The United States doesn’t have all the gold in the world unless it took the gadafi gold reserve for themselves but even at that we don’t go by the gold standard so our money is fiat.   You have uprisings by Hamas against Israelis firing rockets and going in and out of seize fires even after Donald trump had two peace accords signed in the Middle East and you have Russia looking to capture Ukraine and other uprisings through the region and just recently North Korea fires ballistic missiles towards Japan.  What is going on in this world for people to want communism when it was proven by the Soviet Union that Marxism does not work and leads to poverty and famine.   Communism simply does not deliver the utopia it promises and it includes the abolition of private property.   Stop letting these communists influence you or push you one way or the other.  If CNN supports Black Lives Matter then they support a communist movement so that should tell you something about CNN and these commies who push critical race theory all they are consumed by is hate and anguish by their own cause. Then they blame other people under the guise of racism.  It’s a very effective manipulation technique the wise and smart people see it and turn the tv off but is that really what we should be doing.  No it’s not we should be out there fighting to keep the left wing from making us a socialist country and allowing communists to inject their ideas and ideals into the minds of people.  Wake up

Friday, March 26, 2021

Oh it is Passover and Ramadan coming up

Who will be fasting or observing any of Ramadan or celebrating Passover.  If your doing Passover make sure you burn your Lamb and make God happy.

Bored drinking my coffee about to scour the news and some magazines on apple news+.  I think the articles from magazines will hold my attention better as they are not socialist articles talking of restricting the second amendment and telling you what property you can and can’t own.    Come on now you don’t ban firearms for an idiot that shoots people allowing the government to control us because of them.  That’s not even the way I see it I say a lot of people have violated my human rights among other rights and those are universal and unalienable rights.  So if a dirt bag does sometching just black site them televise it and I’ll take care of it and no idiots will ever shoot innocent people again.  Problem solved.  They’d be to damn scared then cut the broadcast and say whoops we mustve been hacked you know the same kind of bullshit news stories you progressive and unamerican people submit and the news reports released in Biden’s favor and smearing Donald Trump especially around election time and trump was a blessed man with a Nobel peace prize for one Middle East peace accord and another accord under his belt. Ha just do one of those numbers I assure you after seeing what happens to people who kill innocent people they will piss themselves before thinking about misusing their second amendment right.  For one even a hundred fools you do not punish the masses.  The second amendment is meant to protect us from the rise of tyranny in our governement.  That’s why it’s number 2 of 10 of the bill of rights.  It helps insure our freedom and people nowadays want to let beaucrats tell us what private property we can own why types of this come on and the biggest offenders of wanting to take our second amendment rights are the like of Cathy Gifford you know you take that away what do you think your gonna defend yourself or family with a broom a machete even if the assailant has a gun you better spray pledge on the floors and make a dash to the assailants wrist and the slide of the barrel. She knows that it is fundamental to our freedom yet she as well as others will not stop their fallacies to which you bring the end of the republic for which it stands.  It’s already bordering on not being one nation under God this country was set up to be a free land where the people governed and in sight of tyranny or the failure of the republic into socialism would surely turn to a revolution.  Let’s make this clear the military is there for protection from outside of the United States as is the federal governement.  It technically was not supposed to interfere with our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.  That being said our pursuit of happiness includes the   to private property.  No for inside the United States so long as it remained United the states governed and the federal government was kept to what classical liberals would say is an effective governement.  A limited government for when government gets to big it will always become problematic and threaten to damage the republic by stripping our unalienable rights in an attempt to control the people. Most folks who are raised now right from wrong and I don’t mean because you offend someone you’ve done wrong.  People are always going to get offended unless your a brown nosed individual and that’s not being racial like everyone wants to imply nowadays.  We’re at a critical breaking point and what has built up over the past three decades with the exception of Donald Trump.  Capital hill didn’t like him because he was a president like they’ve never seen before he even won some with big pharma which is hard to do because they back all the politicians so the politicians are in their pockets.  This is why the democrats and even some republicans had issues with him but all in all it was mostly the democrats.  Nancy Pelosi stated they’d do whatever they could do to get him out.  I wanted world peace and the man was striking peace deals signing accords.  This new administration can’t work with anyone worth a damn they took the border and made it a disaster.  Used tax payer money oh well I’ll say it bond money to give billions to people who are not citizens. Now because of Ms. Feinstein’s nonstop assault on the second amendment right which was ongoing in 2013 driving guns and ammo to an all time high until present day.  Now these progressive liberals want socialism and to strip our unalienable rights down to nothing. There are other moms and family members who want gun rights restricted or taken away from people it’s not just Gifford.  It’s really a sad thing because you cannot have freedom without the right to bear arms.  Stop begging for gun confiscation because of a few bad people when it’s cost would be our freedom.  Now you can say I’m being an ass I understand she’s lost a loved one  in life but so has everyone and or will at sometime hopefully not tragically but people have died tragically all through history.  I’m serious theirs a process to mourning and eventually you can’t keep rehashing and saying if it firearms weren’t legal then my family member would be here.  It falls the way of history and speaking of history nobody would be free from Britain if it wasn’t for our founding fathers belief in what became the second  amendment in the American Revolution.  Just like the freedom of speech in the first amendment never ruled what we could say until we let some beaucrats decide that we can’t offend people or say things the way we please.  I’m pretty sure that’s freedom of speech but just if they want to use some socialist federal judicial decision to say I’m wrong well then in that case this is a big joke and my freedom of artistic expression as a comedian.  Thank you and don’t choke on your breakfast to much.  Sometimes everyone needs a wake up call.  This worlds going to hell and darkness seems to be what you all want in a sick socialist reform.

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