Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Civil unrest rises between nations and citizens

Things are continually spiraling out of control in America and across the world.  The media have launched their psychological warfare spinning news the way they want it to be making everything so biased that people are stuck with having to believe someone or a companies stance on issues instead of just knowing the news itself.  We have communist factions that have Rose up out of the ground like Black Lives Matter and cloaked themselves in the fight against racism.  You have communist leaders of BLM as well as Susan Rosenberg a domestic terrorist who is on a board that funds Black Lives Matter.  Then you have the Antifa who believe it’s alright to murder and stab people for voting against what they believe in which is not fascism but communism just like Black Lives Matter.   You have the far right who want to go to far on things as abortion rights but do have it together on being fiscally conservative on the budget.  The United States doesn’t have all the gold in the world unless it took the gadafi gold reserve for themselves but even at that we don’t go by the gold standard so our money is fiat.   You have uprisings by Hamas against Israelis firing rockets and going in and out of seize fires even after Donald trump had two peace accords signed in the Middle East and you have Russia looking to capture Ukraine and other uprisings through the region and just recently North Korea fires ballistic missiles towards Japan.  What is going on in this world for people to want communism when it was proven by the Soviet Union that Marxism does not work and leads to poverty and famine.   Communism simply does not deliver the utopia it promises and it includes the abolition of private property.   Stop letting these communists influence you or push you one way or the other.  If CNN supports Black Lives Matter then they support a communist movement so that should tell you something about CNN and these commies who push critical race theory all they are consumed by is hate and anguish by their own cause. Then they blame other people under the guise of racism.  It’s a very effective manipulation technique the wise and smart people see it and turn the tv off but is that really what we should be doing.  No it’s not we should be out there fighting to keep the left wing from making us a socialist country and allowing communists to inject their ideas and ideals into the minds of people.  Wake up

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