Friday, October 9, 2020

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 Follow me on Twitter for more daily updates and responses to news flash briefings that come up on Twitter @ElohimKhayyim.   My ultimate mission and goal in life is to somehow find a way or help the men and women in office find a way to world peace or the closest possible thing to it.  This will be difficult because conflicts will arise and every country needs to have security so you how it is in the United States we have the right to bear arms and our military must always be ready in case conflict were to arise that we could squash the conflict or keep things in control because we must have Order.  What the democrats want and back is anarachy.  It's sheer chaos these Uhaul trucks don't come from nowhere they are financed and backed by democrats and celebrities. I will not name names at this time,  but they are promoting a further division in our country to try and take it over so they can press their agenda.  Please give the libertarians the competitors spot in this country when it comes to elections with Republicans instead of being a third wheel.  They have good ideas and can debate in this reality and keep the facts real and not opinionated.  

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