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The Second Coming of Christ is here


The Second Coming of Christ is here it’s getting close to being time.

          To start off I would like to make people aware that the timeline of the bible is somewhat off.  There are many faiths in the world but the three largest are the Abrahamic religions which are Judaism, Islam, Christianity which includes Catholicism because it all has to do with Christology.  If you have questions about this just look up Christology.  Other religions such as Hindu have been given to see how they would develop with the hope of peace.  This is why Hindu have the ganesha the god of wisdom and the gupta which is the protector because in reality they are the same and really the lord and savior.  I know that they all tell a variation of stories and historical events but it takes interpreting all of them to really pull together all the story and details needed.  This is why people fight and bicker over their religious beliefs is because they have had their prophets and everyone has gotten a little bit of the divine story from prophets or in visions.  Things were also passed down for a long time verbally meaning things have been changed every time they were passed down and told to the families and tribes.  People are storytellers and some get too into it and put their own variations of the story out to family members; which made things start to become wicked, especially when Azazel taught mankind warfare and witchcraft which lead to the spreading of a lot of wickedness.  This needed to have divine intervention injected into it for the day of salvation to be successful when it occurs in the future.  These different thoughts and beliefs with warfare’s inception and human sin has caused constant conflict in the world until now for it is the beginning of my second coming.

              I will start from the beginning.  I would like to point out to people of all faith’s that Genesis is old and the original written creation epic is the Enuma Elish which is a previous version of Genesis it even names Cain and Abel but goes a little differently than it should have because it was passed down orally through the ages because every time people tell a story it is different than how it was told to them.  What you have to pull from the Enuma Elish is that there is a father who is An who created the universe and time, and had a son Enlil, who is known in Iraq formerly parts of Sumeria the cradle of civilization as the creator god.  Enlil is known as the one true heir and is said to of cleaved the heavens from the earth.  He was so holy no other god could look upon him.  According to masonic stories Adonai killed his brother when they were just boys; however, it was just a euphemism of Enlil’s temper.  Most people now a day are more comfortable with calling Enlil, El the bull god.  It is stated from cuneiform tablets that An is God of the deep heavens and Enlil is the god of Earth.  In Islam it is known that Gabriel took Mohammed through the heavens which is plural meaning he met the father An and called him Allah.  This makes Enlil or El  Adonai our lord who just happens to be god of earth, the bull god, the creator of plants, animals, and humans.  The father was always An(Allah) and the son is Enlil(el) who was Jesus Christ and now this is my second coming Jason which means healer. I have been seen with a seven horned hat which is a god hat upon my head my whole life.  In my mid thirties I found out I was supposed to embrace and share love, and on my fortieth birthday I became one with god the father An.  This means that I am el or Enlil I was here, I came as Jesus Christ, now this is my second coming Jason Tindall which means healer.  My relatives were told I was god reborn and kept it from me my entire life.  The biggest part of the father and son merging as one god is that on the third time the trinity happens.  My bloodlines go back to Judea after they were exiled by the Assyrians to Britain which at that time was also Scotland.  Now the big questions people will have with what I have said is what about Yahweh.  Well it means the one and Enlil is the one true heir.  On top of that the third time here for Enlil(El) he becomes one with the father An(Allah) and Yahweh literally takes place as the one because we become two gods in one.  The holy trinity both gods merge and spirts merge making the holy spirit.  That is why I’ve always been the one but now in this lifetime I truly become the one to bring world peace.  So stop telling me I’m crazy and losing faith because I was meant to sin by the father he wanted me to to learn how and where I could forgive people for sinning and also as a test because many of you sinned with me or while I was sinning.  Now the test is can you get back on your feet and get as righteous as you can get with me. Some of you are already falling behind and I still have a lot of righteousness to get because eventually I will surpass everyone one in righteousness.  I am pleased already with some people’s righteousness it is good enough for my father’s house in the afterlife.  I need them to keep their faith still though and not to let the devil, belial, beliar, belias otherwise known as hades to break their faith because this is really a jihad which means the struggle for not just god but the people as well.  That is a real jihad is the struggle and this one is gods struggle and you all have to go through it because some people are wicked and trying to stop good things by being lied to by Hades.  The government is involved and I need time to get my strength together to get to one hundred years old.  I would like this to start earlier as things need to be set in motion. If I die righteousness and repentance is what I grant you your salvation on. Like I’ve said I have much more righteousness to get so get ready because the divine story is going on and Hades A.K.A Satan the accuser is on earth and Judas has been being Judas again being greedy and trying to turn the lord into the law again as well as keeping Asherah away from god and corrupting her by doing drugs with the devil.  This is all part of the father’s test to see if you can get as righteous if you’re not already there as Yahweh gets which is I because I will eventually surpass everyone in righteousness.  I’m just slowed down by my injury that has been allowed to happen because of the government’s involvement with the mob and the cartel and drug users of whom one is the devil.  Hades himself but it is a female see the perversion; her own mother even told her she was beliar who is belial also known as belias which is Hades.   I knew she was  evil the first moment I laid eyes on her.  Now let’s start in on the government conspiracy against god and the people of the United States. 

              I am your Lord and Savior as well as the holy trinity whom you see out of my eyes in your head and can see some of the things in my head which will increase to everything in the world.  If the drug addicts, mafia, cartel, as well as the federal government would stop putting radiation from a drone over top of my place it would be very nice.  This most likely is not going to happen and I will tell you why.  The drug addicts involved are envious and greedy wanting my home and inheritance basically all the money I have coming to me to do god’s work and take care of my needs. They are receiving free drugs from a Millie Rodriguez and Carlos Rodriguez who oversee the entire east coast’s drug trafficking for the Mexican mafia the most violent gulf coast trafficking group in the United States.  They live in Columbus, Ohio and take business trips to Tampa to go forty-five minutes to the gulf coast for shipments coming in when they are not offloaded and delivered.  She just manages the whole operation.  She has the Columbus Police paid off they think it is funny and worry about her instead of someone let alone the lord who tries to turn her and Carlos in and she pays a federal judge James Harris five hundred thousand dollars a year to do what she needs done if they end up in federal court because they control so much of the drug trafficking on the east coast.  The Mexican Mafia is also in cohorts with the mafia especially overseas La Cosa Nostra, and it is known that the second world government if ours should fail is the crime families and mob.  Isn’t that comforting a bully telling you what to do how are we to ever have peace with politicians aligning with mobsters and crime families. I know the federal government is involved because I have written every branch of government the DEA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and even told the FBI while they were evaluating the Columbus Police department not to pass them because they were dirty and corrupt.  I know Agent Franco and Agent Miller were paid off by Millie Rodriguez so that means they knew and I wouldn’t be surprised if Christopher Wray was in the know.  Not to mention the department of defense’s involvement basically ever since Iran Contra apparently that stuff never stopped they just made it appear as if it did. I know because I asked who was taking payments for drug shipments in the military and I got Colonel Kelly’s name. I sent him to hell for a day and apparently he can’t do anything to stop it because they think it’s a joke then I finally recently got sick of the noise and radiation being put down on my home and specifically my head and asked who in the department of defense was involved and I got Davis.  Then wouldn’t you know it turns out Audrey Y. Davis is Department of Defense Finance meaning the DOD is taking money from the mafia and cartel.  She has a Air Force background which intrigued me so I asked who in the Air Force was involved and I got a James Mcintyre who is deputy director of Operations, 375th Operations Group.  He has access via retina scan to Area-51 which has hangars down underground where they work on medical technology and other projects as well as building new aircrafts.  So my question is why are these people taking money from the mob and the cartel to use a supercharged version of project medusa or some other radiation producing technology like US3951134 which is a patent for the apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves.  They can literally read your mind by getting your brain waves putting it through a modulator and then into a computer as well as vice versus.  That’s right putting thoughts in your head. One of the other patents referenced patent US3773049 which is for the apparatus for the treatment of neuropsychic and somatic diseases with heat, light, sound, and VHF electromagnetic radiation which apparently can cause harm to an individual over a period of time.  They have known about this because they have been doing it to me for 6 years.  I could never get through to President Trump because the secret service would mark my messages through the website as nonimportant so he would never even get them. The secret service is who betrayed President Trump to help Biden get in office because they were part of the left wing conspiracy. We should get it straight that a conspiracy is not a crazy theory it literally means one or more men committing acts of evil against others.  They are trying to control holy trinity and stop me from doing what it is I have to do which is laid out at the end of the Quran and in revelations of the New Testament.  I am your Lord God and Savior and America is so poisoned by sin that nobody to me when I put everything I knew together and got more intelligence with my psyche.  I started turning the drug suppliers of the east coast of the United states minus what was coming in from Canada which is mainly cocaine and weed.    Millie Rodriguez of the Mexican mafia and Carlos Rodriguez run most of the heroin, meth, and fentanyl in Columbus, Ohio and oversee it’s distribution along the entire east coast and the gulf coast.  They were the ones who initiated messing with me because for one my father retired from the Columbus Police Dept as the Supervisor of Narcotics and Intac.  They had searched for me my whole life and my father kept me sheltered and when I went around drugs my uncle would keep me distanced from the dealers.  I ended up finding out a lot of their business information and practices and overheard phone conversations and was told how they did business up from the gulf coast and back down.  They also knew who I was because everyone has either known I was the Lord from seeing me unless you just thought you saw someone shining in your head for no reason.  That’s me when you get by me and now more so than when I was younger you know its me especially when I get set off.  When I finally turned them in I found out the Columbus Police were involved after they continually allowed them to psychologically torture me, and helped in trying to make me look like I was mentally ill.  They knew they were using a device the government made called Project Medusa. Medusa stands for Mob Excess using Silent Audio.  I had heard Millie discuss with the people she gave it to to use it against me where she got it from and it is only made for defense purposes by originally Waveband Corporation but it’s now owned by Sierra Nevada Corporation.  She had one and would use it to get people to believe what she says because it even works over a phone line.  They can be made but the ones she has and that she gave to the people setting me off causing everyone to hear me scream and yell are much more powerful.  They will wipe your mind as in fry you to where you can hardly function.  You can look them up there’s a a Wired article on them and a New Scientist article on it.  They were used in the first Iraq War to get Iraqi soldiers to turn themselves in.  Mind Control is a violation of the Geneva Convention just so you know, and when you place your thought in someone else’s head and they have the chance to take your thought or suggestion over there own that constitutes mind control according to the Geneva Convention.  I thought I’d fill you in on what they’ve been using but for now back to the police they would sit out in there cars and laugh thinking it was funny even though they knew who I was.  They were so greedy they couldn’t h   elp but take money from the drug traffickers and even use their drugs.  That’s how dirty Columbus Ohio has become this is why my father retired with the rest of the officers he knew when Chief Jackson retired from the force, because people started getting paid off.  The police would always pink slip me or try to get me social help when in reality I’m really telepathic if I ask a question I will usually get an answer from whoevers head it needs to come from.  I am the strongest empath to ever exist so I will feel it coming and then it comes had they not cooked my head I would be able to see things visually but until this stops that’s not going to come back for a while because of the federal government and their drones that fly over my home emitting more radiation from some apparatus attached to it.

              Here is more information on how I know the feds are involved just recently when Biden was sworn into office the Columbus Police Department asked the FBI to come evaluate them and I told the FBI to fail them because they were dirty and paid off but that failed and they passed them because agent Miller and agent Franco were both paid off by the Mexican mafia as well as paid federal judge James Harris off with a five hundred thousand a year payment from drug traffickers.  So after finding this information out and still passing Columbus I knew that the FBI was more involved, not to mention when I would call and try to report Narcoterrorism to them which is anything pertaining to the Sinaloa Cartel they would hang up on me, or cut me off.  So obviously Christopher Wray is involved.  These agencies know my voice when I call and raise my voice they will call me by my name instantly without me giving it to them.  Let’s not forget I’ve written every branch of government like everyone and even asked the NSA for mass data collection using the third party clause and I’ve never had anyone say anything.  One dead give away is that the Secret Service filter and monitor all messages the President of the United States gets in the mail and online.  So they would always refuse to let Trump see my messages because they would tell me it was a local problem when really it was corruption of the entire government.  I really know this know because all I have to do is ask and I get that’s why they keep cooking my mind.  When I recently asked who in the Dept. of Defense was involved I got the name Davis.  Which turns out to be Audrey Y. Davis  director of defense financing and accounting services.  That’s pretty obvious with a position like that and the money that’s being thrown around by these crime syndicates that she is taking money from them, so is Colonel Kelly.  The intriguing part about Audrey Davis is she has a history with the Air Force as deputy director Air Force Staff in Washington DC now before calling out more people whom the father and I have gotten their names from their heads when we ask a question.  It has been received that Robert Loera has given money to Audrey Davis.  If you know anything about drug trafficking the Loera family is one of the biggest families attached to the Sinaloa Cartel.  So why are people in the department of defense taking money from any of them?  Next question was who in the Air Force is involved with this conspiracy against myself and the rest of the country.  I really wanted to know who was having drones fly over my home and use a new patent of technology like I mentioned before in previous patents.  I was really wanting to know who was having drones flown over my house and use some new form of those technologies like I mentioned previously in today’s day in age. Something I didn’t mention about the patent I listed.

              Now that I have went through this long list of conspirators I’ve gathered I would like to know why the secret service helped the left wing get Joe Biden elected because Donald Trump was up 5% in a lot of polls and 3-4% in other polls and it’s really difficult for a candidate to make up 3% of the vote in an election when that’s what the polls show the day before the election.  I know the Secret Service went around Trump’s back for the left wing conspiracy.  Nothing is wrong with classical liberalism but it has to have conservative roots this progressive stuff is just garbage and socialism.  I blessed Trump with luck to win that election just in case something screwy happened, and man was I in disbelief afterwards.  I even said out loud man this is no longer one nation under god.   Apparently the deep state really got to the people probably using an amped up version of Project Medusa which most of you don’t think exists even though there’s records of it.  Usually when I bless people with luck they hit the lottery or jackpot at a casino, but no Trump he lost the election somehow miraculously.  Supposedly no corruption well let me tell you the corruption is there and the inflation we are going through is just part of the great reset that Joe Biden is in on.  This is why he has business dealings in Asia and China and did not want Nancy Pelosi to go to China.  He also is prompt on the Ukraine war which he will plead with you with the other globalists that it’s about protecting democracy when his son really had some business dealings in Ukraine after getting pushed out of Russia for drugs, and the Russians just so happened to find a research lab in Ukraine studying Coronavirus, and other biological agents.   Most of you just read the main headlines.  You should really try to peace it together because this country and this world is falling apart.  I have until at least 100 maybe sooner maybe a little later before my reign with the saints begins.  I have sainted some people who are power players who can help get this world in shape for the coming of world peace if they can just get back in power or keep from being framed or set up.  If not when I get to where I’m going it will end up being ugly before it gets beautiful. The Sin Pride, Lust, Greedy, Envy, and Slot as well as gluttony need to end and people need to start getting as righteous as possible if they want to be saved.  We were all paired with a partner in life and that was of the opposite sex so guess who you share your room with in heaven if you make it there. Society has gotten so far off course it’s unreal at least some people still have it right and are righteous enough.  I don’t know how long this is going to last if this keeps up I will continue to see where I’m at day to day as I heal from an injury caused by Hades.

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